The author of a new report on the dangers of pathogens was in Erie today, talking about what needs to be done to reduce the danger of a pandemic.

Dr. Amesh Adalja is a senior scholar from the John Hopkins Center for Health Security.

His new study says a lot more time, money and attention needs to be focused on preparing to deal with microorganisms that could cause a global pandemic like the Spanish Flu of 1918.

He says while SARS, the Zika Virus and Ebola have claimed many lives in recent years, a major global pandemic could kill millions.

He says the federal government and medical community need to focus on the issue.

He said, "We really have to start funding and thinking about infectious diseases including the counter measures we are using against infectious diseases, diagnostic testing, anti virals, personal protection, think of that as part of national security. That is the mind set that has to change if we are going to get serious about infectious disease threats."

Dr. Adalja says a pandemic can occur naturally or be triggered by terrorists with access to a dangerous pathogen like anthrax.