ERIE, Pa. - Josh Shapiro, Attorney General, and Lawrence Persico, Bishop of Erie, met Wednesday in Erie to discuss the Diocese of Erie's efforts to implement a revised policy for protection of children.

In a statement released by the Diocese of Erie, the Bishop says, he informed the attorney general, that on behalf of the Erie Diocese, the bishop has chosen to forgo any legal challenges to the grand jury process and its work.

The statement reads, in full;

 "Today, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and I met in Erie. We discussed in detail the Diocese of Erie’s efforts to implement our revised Policy for the Protection of Children, and our experience so far. We also discussed my testimony before the grand jury, as well as the grand jury report. I found the meeting to be very productive.

I informed the Attorney General that on behalf of the Diocese of Erie, I have chosen to forgo any legal challenges to the grand jury process and its work. I realize that the grand jury report will contain information that will be difficult for all of us to hear, but in order for us to focus on the future, we have to have a solid knowledge of the past. The grand jury investigation and its report will provide a voice for the victims. We must listen to that voice and learn from it as we move forward.

I remain committed to transparency. The Diocese of Erie is doing all it can to ensure a healthy, safe environment for all of the children entrusted to its care. In that endeavor, we are fully aligned with law enforcement, and they have my full cooperation."