****This article has been updated to reflect the company's revenue multiplied by 1000 times their original revenue, not 1000 percent as previously stated.

Also, their proper saying is "we punch well above our weight-class!" ****

At the Logistics Plus global headquarters in Erie, staff members connect with clients from around the country and the world. 

The flags on their roof, represent each county they operate in or have an employee from.

It's a company that's come a long way from its founding nearly 22 years ago.

 "We do things real well, we don't lose business very often."
CEO and Founder, Jim Berlin

 "And we work real hard and we know what we do." Berlin said

When Berlin started the company in 1996, there were three employees, and they made a total of $120,000 on a purchase order.

Today, Logistics Plus boasts over 400 employees operating in more than 22 countries, and in 2017 alone, they made $120 million in revenue. Up 1000 times from that first year, and roughly 50 percent from 2016.

 "It seems to be continuing, and it's not slowing down." Berlin said

The global freight and warehousing company is continuing their work with e-commerce giants like Amazon, Google, and WeWork. With warehouses in cities like Los Angeles, Dallas and Erie.

Not too bad for a business that still touts themselves as an underdog.

"We're not so big that we got a big bureaucratic structure, and trip over ourselves and can't get things done. “ Vice President of Marketing, Scott Frederick said “And also we're not too small because we don't have resources that a lot of these customers need for managing their supply chains."

The rapid rise of the company is pushing logistics plus to expand their brand, both globally and locally, and it's what they're doing here in Erie that has them the most excited.

 "For Erie here, we've been on a bit of a hiring spree." Frederick said

LP believes in its Erie roots, and is actively hiring fresh talent out of Erie area colleges.

"People want to be in Erie, we can get them to stay in Erie, and be a part of a global company that breaks worldwide, and they can stay home." Berlin said

Ask them what's next, and they'll tell you.

“Our joke line is that we have one simple goal of world domination."


Now don't worry, they don't actually plan on taking over the whole world, but they are planning to expand on their property at Union Station. And Berlin tells us, he has been very impressed by the product put out by the local schools.