The Erie School District has had its fair share of financial problems throughout the years.

It led to the cut of a lot of programs in the district, including summer school. But now, district officials are considering bringing back summer school in all of its schools this summer.

Something the district hasn’t done in more than five years, because of financial concerns.

According to Director of Teaching and Learning Diane Sutton, this is still in the planning stages. The district is just waiting on financial approval for officially moving forward.

If approved, all schools including elementary, middle and high schools will offer summer school.

Sutton said bringing back summer school will allow the district to close any learning gaps.

"We know that some students need extended time so for those students who need extended time to reach the grade level expectations we are grateful we're in a financial place where we can fold these back in and offer to students and families," Sutton said.

The district has offered extra help for students falling behind during the school year, but this will take that help one step further.

"All parents want their children to be successful,” Sutton said. “So this is another way to give them a leg up if you will to have success in that coming year and again we're just grateful that we can add this back in our work as we move forward."

If the district moves forward with this parents can expect to receive letters or some sort of notification that their kid will need to enroll in summer school.

The school district is expected to decide whether or not it will offer summer school by tomorrow.