The Beechwood Golf Club has grown significantly in recent years, attracting more golfers and people enjoying a meal in the clubhouse.

The 18 hole layout on 135 acres is located just off Interstate 90 in Fairview Township.

The layout has changed considerably since the Arrigo family took over in 2013.

Co-owner Tony Arrigo said, "A lot of it is just the definition of the golf course, making the greens a little bigger, everything a little greener, nice fertilization."

Longtime member Byron Hillin appreciates the improvements.

He said, "You can see the improvements every year they have owned it."

Since 2013, Beechwood has grown considerably. There are more leagues, revenue has doubled and the number of members has also doubled."

The growth happening under the direction of a big, hardworking family.

Co-owner Matt Arrigo said, "It is a great environment to be in because everybody gives you 110%."

And the family has accomplished a lot more than just course improvements.

They've focused on providing high quality food and drinks.

And the golf club also has a large banquet hall for events all year long.