Bonded Services is a locally owned company that has been providing a wide range of cleaning services for the past 70 years, and the company just keeps growing.

The company takes care of more than 200 businesses all over the tri-state region, with offices in Erie, Meadville, and Warren.

Vice President Eric Nyberg said, "We do everything from school districts to manufacturing plants, large insurance companies, you name it. big and small, we take care of everything."

It takes a lot of employees, about 300, to handle all the customers. Many are businesses, but the company also handles residential cleaning jobs.

Managers say the employees are the key to the company's success.

Nyberg said, "If we did not have the employees we would be nowhere. Our employees are a testament to our training procedures and the values we have."

The cleaning business is very competitive. But company leaders think customers have embraced their local ownership, wide range of services and personal touch.

Nyberg said, "We are a phone call away. We have immediate response time. And we are a multi faceted company, everything from carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, hard floor maintenance, and window washing."