A horse on the doorstep of history.

With two electrifying wins underneath his proverbial belt, Justify is looking to this weekend's Belmont Stakes to cross the finish line with a victory, and make it a Triple Crown.

"He has a great momentum going into the race, and he's got the vibe." Long-time Jockey, Willie Martinez said

Martinez knows a champ when he sees one. The 29-year veteran has carved out an impressive career of his own, including a major win at the Breeder's Cup Sprint in 2012.

Martinez says it can be challenging for any horse to complete the feat, but he believes Justify's speed and strength will carry him to victory.

 "It's good for racing to see those type of hype." Martinez said

That strength and speed is something trainer and owner, Tim Girten says is important to have, but it doesn't guarantee victory.

"It's a lot, it takes its toll." Girten said

Girten says more fresh-legged horses could be Justify’s demise, but otherwise has faith in the three-year-old champ.

 "I think he has a great opportunity to get there.” Girten said “What he's accomplished so far is pretty amazing."

So you heard Martinez and Girten give their expert insight into who they think will win the Belmont Stakes. But how about from someone who has a little bit of a different type of insight. For that, we went upstairs

"I think if it's a dry track, he wins by eight lengths." Handicap Better, Ron Sorvelli said

Sorvelli is locally known for his near-psychic level of picking a winning horse.

The man regarded as a “swami” of sorts, shares faith that it will be Justify that comes through with a win.

 "He's the very best horse in this race, and he should have no trouble with these horses." Sorvelli said

When the gates open, and the horses take off, it's anyone's guess as to who will finish that race as the Belmont champ.

Unless of course, you can already tell who won.

ANDREW HYMAN: “Swami says?”

RON SORVELLI: “That's right, the Swami says, yes Andrew."

And here's some quick info if you plan to watch the action:

Presque Isle Downs Casino will provide drive-thru betting from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Race time is set for 6:37 pm.

And you can view the action at home on WICU-12, or at the Brew Brother’s Restaurant.