The crowd at the Brew Brothers Restaurant at Presque Isle Downs Casino was on edge from the get-go.

There was a mix of cheers and disbelief as the horses made their way around the track.
And when justify finally separated himself for the win, whether you lost money or not, it was a chance to witness a rare achievement.

Legendary horse track announcer, Robin Burns, was one of many watching the action who believed justify would be upset.

But after watching the opposite happen, burns reflected on Justify’s run and says the thoroughbred could possibly have run his last race

 "He has nothing else yet to prove.” Burns said “Undefeated triple crown winner, why would you wanna go ahead and do anything else."

And who can say neigh to a happy retirement?

Burns says we may not see another run like this. There was only a three-year gap between recent triple crown-winners. Before that, it had been 37 years since the last one