Aki is a unique, small shop that celebrates its first anniversary this week.

Its centerpiece is a salt room that many customers say makes them relax and breathe easier.

Aki's owner says salt has been helping people feel better for centuries.

Kathy Sheraw Taylor said, "In eastern Europe, salt rooms, salt therapy is very common and has been used for a long time and it has finally made it to the states."

The salt room is literally made of salt. Blocks of Himalayan salt. And salt crystals make up part of the floor."

And there is salt in the air.

A machine grinds pharmaceutical grade salt into an aerosol and dispenses it into a mist.

Sheraw Taylor said, "Salt is anti bacterial, and anti viral. It also thins out congestion. so people with congestion, asthma and allergies often find relief. People with chronic lung issues also find relief as well."

But while the salt room is the focus of the shop, employees also mix natural scrubs, lotions, sprays and other products for customers. All unique products made on site.

And the store has plenty of salt products including salt balls, egg shaped salt and salt lamps.

It is located at 2616 West 8th Street in Millcreek.