The Roth Marz Partnership is a local architectural firm that has been designing buildings around the region for the past 30 years, including many large public buildings.

President Bob Marz loves his job.

He said, "Well i think it is a great field because when you are done you have something to show for it."

But getting to the finished product isn't easy.

Ideas go from sketches to computerized plans to renderings to details plans for the contractor.

The process has worked well for the firm for three decades. So has the company's record.

Marz said, "We hit budgets and both time and budget constraints are very important to the client. We try to work out all the bugs before we pass the drawings on to the contractor."

The company has designed many well known buildings around the Erie area including the Intermodal Center on the Erie bayfront, a unique overhead pedestrian walkway on the Edinboro University campus, and the Villa-Prep events center in Erie.

Bob Marz says he sees continued success and growth for the company in the years ahead.

He said, "We are very busy now. We think we are going to be growing. We are looking for additional people."