Erie's only medical marijuana dispensary is seeing more patients walk through its doors.

Rise Erie opened in April, and currently has 800 clients coming into its dispensary. 600 of them are from Erie county.

There are now about 25 area physicians on board, certified to recommend medical marijuana to their patients, “Patients and physicians alike are sick of opiates, they're sick of the epidemic,  they're sick and tired of people dying,” said Green Thumb Industries CEO, Paul Kadens. “We're a healthy alternative medicine that no one has ever died from, the DEA, Drug Enforcement Agency, has even come out and publicly stated that. We are a much safer, healthier alternative to opioids and I think the physicians, the patients, and the country are just beginning to understand that now,” Kadens continued.

What's also new for the facility, Pennsylvania has approved dispensaries to sell flower.

That means patients will soon be able to purchase product to smoke, in order to treat certain conditions, “In the next 60 days we'll be able to sell flower, the traditional marijuana that people think of when they think of marijuana, to the patient of Pennsylvania,” said Kadens. “We're very excited about it, not only for ourselves but more than that for the patients and the community. We think we're going to see a lot of new patient inflow and perhaps even new physicians certifying patients with the advent of flower in the Pennsylvania market,” Kadens said.

Rise Erie will be open this Thursday, June 21st, for people to learn about the program, and the benefits of medical marijuana.
It will also help with the sign-up protocol, to get access to medical cannabis.