54-year old, Tom Minnock, set a record as the oldest, and earliest swimmer to complete the challenge.

He completed the trek in 16 hours, 44 minutes and 22 seconds.

When he touched land, Minnock became just the 20th swimmer since 1989 to successfully cross.


We caught up with record swimmer just after he was able to catch some breaths and a nice moment with his family.

"Oh, it's fabulous, it's good to have swam that far, and have all that support I had.” Minnock said “And then come to see all these folks here, waiting for me. It was just unbelievable.”

We asked if he ever considered giving up, and he told us “No, never quit, can't quit.”

And when asked if he'd do the swim all over again, Minnock told us "maybe in a couple of years."

His attempt kicked off the swim attempt season, as coming up soon, three different swimmers will try the same challenge.

Listed Below are past completed attempts through the years (Races are sanctioned by the Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Association (LEOWSA)