Virginia's Beach Campground along Lake Erie in Springfield Township, has been a tourist destination since the 1800's.

It has changed a lot over that time, with the current owners making lots of improvements in recent years.

Rick and Trish Krome have owned the campground since 2002.

They say the location, overlooking the lake is clearly a huge plus.

Rick said, "People just like to sit and look at the lake, watch the sun go up and down."

The campground has 1200 feet of lakefront property. So campers can go swimming, boating, look for beach glass and just watch the waves. 

There is also a pier for fishing, and kayaks for rent.

Campers have a choice of sites.

There are several lake front cottages, spots for recreational vehicles and wooded sites for tents or small campers.

Rick said, "It is all over the place as far as the customers and the kind of sites we have to offer."

Thousands of people rent the 141 sites every year.

Rick said, "A lot of people from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, Eastern Pennsylvania. A lot of seasonals are closer than the overnight customers. they are just all over the country."