The Quinn Law firm goes back generations.

Its lawyers have been handling all kinds of legal work since 1918.

Jim Toohey has been part of the firm for more than half a century.

He thinks the firm's recipe for success is pretty simple, hard work and putting clients first.

He said, "I just think we have maintained a low key profile as a good law firm and someone who cares about you. And I think that has been the key to maintaining the success of this firm for 100 years."

The firm does all kinds of legal work, with each of the 22 attorneys specializing in different types of law.

President George Joseph said, "Specialization helps for being cost effective for client needs and we can provide a full range of services."

Quinn also takes pride in its community outreach and is a big booster of many charities and non profit organizations.

Lawyer Colleen Stumpf said, "I think it is so important because it enables us as a firm, both attorneys and staff and our families to be involved in the community and those charities we are passionate about."

The firm is especially passionate about helping Catholic Charities.

Catholic Charities Executive Director Ann Badach said,"They really care about people in the community, people who are under served in the community."