Some concerned residents in Albion are still upset about the way Borough Council is dealing with Police Chief Dan Ries.   Ries was suspended twice within a month and the citizens believe council is out to get the chief.

he controversy revolves around the chief apparently using too much date on his borough cell phone. The overuse charges totaled $650 according to a letter send to Ries by Mayor Jason White in March.  Ries paid the $650 immediately and thought everything was done.  But, council suspended the chief in June for ten working days. 

Ries challenged the suspension saying the mayor, not council, is in charge of police discipline.  He also filed a Right to Know form to get the phone bill in question, and was given a bill that totaled $45, not $650.

Ries, last week, was suspended a second time.  The reason..he returned from his first suspension in ten calendar days instead of ten working days. 

Citizens demanded answers at a meeting of council's Police Committee late yesterday afternoon. The meeting lasted only ten minutes because the committee members adjourned for an executive session.

The con concerned townspeople are doing other things to support the chief besides attending meetings.  They will hold a fund raiser August 12 at the VFW Pavilion to help the chief's family, and help pay his attorney fees.  They also are having professional yard signs made to protest council's actions.