Franco's Cafe has been serving hungry customers in downtown Erie since 2010.

Its open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. catering to the breakfast and lunch crowd.

Owner Larry Franco says the large salad bar is the foundation of the cafe's business.

He said, "We've really focused on that. People want to eat healthy and quick."

But Franco's has more than just a big salad bar.

Homemade soup is a big draw, especially in the winter.

The cafe also specializes in paninis.

Franco says giving customers good food as been the key to the cafe's success.

He said, "The key is quality food. A fair price and a smile on your face."

About 25-30% of the customers work in the Renaissance Center where the cafe is located. And the vast majority of customers work in downtown Erie.

Franco said, "It is quick and easy because if they only have a half hour for lunch they can come in a grab it."