If you take a look around the Warren County Fair, you'll notice all the familiar sights are still here. 

But take a closer look, and you'll see from fresh sights.

From new games, thrill rides, and of course, some new food.

This year, the fair hired Powers & Thomas Midway Entertainment to handle the games, and some of the new rides.

New attractions include Pharaoh’s Fury, Speed, and Zero Gravity.

Directors also invited some for-profit food vendors, provided their menu is unique from the venue’s tradition non-profit vendors.

 "It's really cool being out here with all these different vendors and seeing people walking around and trying your food for the first time." Owner of Santino’s Fry Bread, Santo D’Amico said

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This was his food truck’s first year at the festival.

It's all part of an ongoing plan by people with the fair to mix the old,and the new. While trying to reach out to a younger demographic, they're also trying to keep that traditional feel.

"What we try to do is inspire our youth, hopefully, to come and put the time in that our generation did to keep fairs and festivals like these things going." Director for the fair, Dale Bliss said

Bliss calls the fair "the Fair of Experiments."  Sometimes they keep it the same.

"And sometimes we have to tweak a thing once in a while, just to keep things interesting." Bliss said

But no matter what changes they make, they hope to keep one thing constant, fun.

 The fair runs until Saturday night, and tickets are just $10 a person at the gate.

For a full list of events, click the link below.

*A note, for concerts, you do not need to pay anything extra as it’s free admission with your gate admission purchase.