Chances are you've seen those lip sync videos all over social media that police departments across the nation are producing.

Well now, the Titusville City Police has created one of their own.

It's a fun way for the officers to interact with the community.

The Titusville department dropped their video online on their Facebook page at noon on Wednesday.

Watch the entire lip sync challenge video

It took them two weeks to produce.

They took their own twist on the lip sync challenge, with a shot-for-shot remake of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" music video, “I like it,” said Titusville Police Chief Harold Minch. “Ten years ago I probably would have said ‘no we're not doing that, police officers are not dancing in uniform,’ but the public likes it and we're doing what the public likes and I think that's what we should do,” Chief Minch continued.

Titusville PD Patrolman Aaron Madden is the mastermind behind the video and stars as Michael Jackson, “There's a great challenge to it, because just try to imagine how hard it is to dance like Michael Jackson,” Madden said while laughing. “It was actually a blast, the most fun part was actually seeing the amount of community involvement,” Madden said of making the video.

There are some naysayers. On the viral videos of officers singing and dancing from across the country, some are commenting that they should be solving crime instead.

But Chief Minch says this kind of community outreach and community policing is just as important, “In today's world we need something else to bond with people on, they need to know we're not the monster that comes to your house and drags people out, that's not what we do. We're here to help people, we’re here to make this community better, we're here to add to the quality of life, and I think this does that, I think a little lighthearted look at the police is okay,” said Minch.

“With the way the nation is at times and some of the police stories that are out there, it's good to be able to touch base with your community and let them know that you are one of them, and that we are the kind of police officers they can approach,” said Madden.

The Chief wanted to note that the officers who took part were off-duty, and the no tax dollars were spent in the making of the video.

The ten member department did it all with a zero production budget. Production was donated by Paul Gorman, a local filmmaker and programming director of MaddyGTV. Even choreography was donated by a local dance company, A Dancer’s Reflection.