LINESVILLE, PA---Megan Brokman purchased the former Depot Junction Auction House, with the hopes of transforming it into a new retail store called Farmhouse Supply.

"We're hoping to bring a lot of people into the community,” said Brokman.  “We're hoping to restore a building that we didn't want to see sitting vacant."

But within the building, a major issue is taking away from the store’s buzz.

"We knew there were two hives,” said Brokman.  “But, we were shocked when we were told how many bees were in the hives.”

Inside of the walls, are two massive beehives, including one that is 24 feet long, filled with hundreds of thousands of honey bees.

So Brokman called a man by the name of Eric “Critter” McCool of McCool’s Wildlife & Bee Extractions to the rescue.

For nearly 30 years, McCool has specialized in wildlife control, specifically, beehive extraction.

A job that can prove to be painful.

"'I’ve been bitten and scratched and stung by just about every creature there is," said McCool.  "I surpassed my 8,000th sting yesterday, from yellow jackets.  We've done over 35,000 removals of hives and nests throughout the U.S. and Canada."

McCool uses state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment to locate each hive and nest.

His crew members will then cut open the walls and floors, to remove the honeycombs and bees.

Even after 8,000 bee stings, McCool says it still hurts to be stung.

“I got stung seven times in the face yesterday by yellow jackets,” said McCool.  “Some days, it doesn’t bother me.  Other days, it really still bothers me."

But for McCool, it's all in a day’s work.

"This is kind of my calling,” said McCool.  “God's provided a path for me, and this is what I love to do."

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