Chosen International Medical Assistance is a non-profit that in recent years, has expanded its mission to help people with medical needs.

The group helping people in many countries overseas, and right here in Erie.

Workers and volunteers refurbish used medical equipment to be provided at low cost to clinics and hospitals at more than 100 countries around the world.

The equipment makes a huge difference when it shows up.

Chosen Executive Director Rick King said, "It is always joyful to be able to stand there and to show them how to run the equipment and be part of it as they receive it. Sometimes they put on a big celebration."

But four years ago, Chosen began expanding its mission, partnering with a mission in the Yucatan region of Mexico..

King said, "We are performing surgery, building homes, putting in water systems, roofs on people's houses and helping communities that are trying to build a new church."

Another big change in recent years is the addition of a division for home health care supplies and equipment, items like wheelchairs and walkers.

The equipment is cleaned up, repairs are made if necessary and the items are given out to people in the Erie community.

Community Outreach Facilitator Jeff Mazza said, "When I began about four years ago we were giving away maybe 40-50 pieces of equipment and supplies. The last couple of months we have been over 200."

And Chosen has also expanded to partner with Ramps of Hope to build and install handicapped accessible ramps in the area.