This week, we introduce you to another business here for the Secure Erie Accelerator.

It's a company called Jauntin' as in taking a jaunt or a trip.

The business started in Toronto when some young entrepreneurs who like to travel from Canada TO THE U.S. or abroad found it cumbersome to fill out forms for travel insurance each time.

 Because of Canadian Health Care, citizens need that type of coverage for emergencies when crossing borders.  So the founders came up with a platform to help insurance companies and brokers distribute on-demand micro insurance that you can switch on and off with an app.

Now they are hoping to expand the concept to insurance for so-call gig workers and partner with companies in the U.S. insurance market to provide the coverage.  

Company co-founder Maya Strasser is excited to be in the accelerator program here for the opportunity to talk about possibilities with Erie Insurance and get a feel for the U.S. insurance market.  "In terms of getting an annual policy, most gig workers don’t necessarily do that because they don’t see their side job as a real job where they need to get coverage, so this is almost an untapped market, that would never be buying insurance in the first place."