Gaudenzia Erie is part of a large non-profit that operates drug and alcohol treatment programs in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C.

The local organization has been helping people dealing with substance abuse for the past 50 years.

Community Affairs Manager Jason Kisielewski said, "More and more people are being touched by addiction and affected by it. I think the more we can help break down barriers so people can get the treatment and make it accessible, hopefully we can start reversing that trend."

Gaudenzia is a big operation. with nine local facilities, employing about 150 people, helping 80-100 people at any given time.

Many of the employees, like Halfway House Manager Ernie Hanes are recovering addicts themselves. 

He said, "I tell them I went through the program and did the work. I am going back to school to be a counselor and I have goals. I never had that before. I can share that with them."