Intelligence Framework Inc. or Infra is another young company selected from more than 100 applicants for funding and mentoring in the Secure Erie Accelerator.

While investigating a massive hack in Saudi Arabia, founder Andrea Bodei, the company CEO and CTO developed the artificial intelligence and tools that became seed of his business idea.

With both a fixed hardware option and a powerful portable tool, Infra can scan for vulnerabilities in computer networks, servers, websites and the internet of things, to find problems before the bad guys do.

Bodei said what makes his idea unique in the marketplace of about a dozen companies offering this type of help is that Infra Scan is automated taking out the human element of flawed analysts.   "Humans are slow, humans are expensive, humans do a lot of mistakes, sometimes they are tired, not everybody has the same skills, so a machine can always give you the same standard of quality, and is faster, it means saving time and money," Bodei said.

Being part of the 10-week accelerator at the Erie Innovation District in collaboration with Mercyhurst University may open new opportunities for the company with Mercyhurst University Cyber-Intelligence studies, Erie's Smart City initiative and for Erie Insurance specialists in risk assessment.  "Just plugging it to the internet connection or internal network and scan basically all devices, all computers that are in the networks, it will give a report, calculating the risk," said Bodei.

Bodei is Italian-born and his company is based in Barcelona.  He is pleased to be in the Secure Erie Accelerator, because he said there are not many accelerators focused just on security.  You can learn more by clicking here