Metz Culinary Management is a regional food service company serving 22 states.

Locally the company has 320 employees serving many different clients, including the entire Erie School District.

Metz prepares about 1.1 million breakfasts and 1.6 million lunches for the district, plus snacks and some dinners as well.

General Manager Jenny Johns says it is not easy making healthy meals that kids like.

She said, "It is a tricky balance. We want to have food that the kids will enjoy eating. But we also want to be sure we are meeting all the standards of the national school lunch program and trying to provide as many healthy choices as we can and educate kids at an early age to eat healthy items."

Planning all the meals is definitely a challenge.

But so is the food preparation.

Managers say the key to making it  all work is the employees who work long hours at many different locations.

Johns said, "Without our employees we certainly would not be able to produce any of our food. We depend on our employees to give great service."

While the Erie School District is the the biggest client of Metz it is not the only one. The company provides food service to many other companies, schools and institutions in our region."