More than one hundred high school students are packing the halls of Gannon University for a lesson in how the government works.

It's a part of the third annual Youth Civic Symposium, hosted by Senator Toomey's Office, Gannon University and Erie Together.

The event begins in Gannon's Yehl Ballroom. Then the students take a trip to city hall and the county and federal courthouses.

They will hear from local, state and federal government speakers. It’s all about teaching them how the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government work.

Organizers say this is all in an effort to boost civic engagement in the community among Erie’s youths.

"It's really an opportunity for Gannon University, Senator Toomey and Erie Together to show these students that it's important to love and live in Erie, PA to consider working here, staying in Erie in the downtown area, said Northwest Regional Manager, Sheila Fitzgerald. "So the day involves a lot of activities for them to understand that."

The students also got a chance to use a voting machine.