Myriad Data Solutions is another business here for the Secure Erie Accelerator in the Innovation District.

Jim Finnerty one of the company co-founders and his partners developed a software product or portal that will help businesses protect documents stored on the cloud from security risks or service failures. 

Finnerty said the idea was born out of having trust issues.  "The cloud offers a ton of benefits that I’d like to take advantage of, but I don’t feel I can without maybe some misplaced trust."

To solve those trust issues, they came up with and idea that combines a couple of existing technologies--data sharding which splits up information into fragments to be stored in different places, and RAIDs which preserve data in case of failures.  "Really the heart of the value proposition is you don’t have to trust Google with the entire document," Finnerty said.  "You are spreading the document around in such a way that nobody can tell what it actually says, or means, or does, so you’ve insulated yourself from security failures at those vendors,"

Their first customer is a bank in Virginia.  It's piloting the "Zero Trust Cloud Storage" as a target to store its network archives, instead of using physical storage as most banks do.

According to Myriad, being invited to the Secure Erie Accelerator is providing capital to fuel the product development, and exposure to subject matter.  "The most important part of the experience here in Erie has been the many businesses that have spoken with us about the concept, I’ve had the ear of a Fortune 500 insurance provider, and am meeting later today with GE Transportation," Finnerty said, adding, "The trick I think for us is to find the folks that have those trust issues and are at a point in their hardware life cycle that they are looking for this outside option."