Demo-night at Hirt Auditorium in Blasco Library is the culmination of the inaugural 10-week Secure Erie Accelerator program in the Erie Innovation District.

Over the course of those weeks, Erie News Now has introduced you to the businesses invited for funding and mentoring in Erie.

The final business is called WeatherCheck.  CEO and co-founder Demetrius Gray says it's a company that promises to share data about damaging weather address by address, before it hits.

The startup company is using big data to fuse weather forecast with on-the-ground realtor-type data for every property in the nation--down to inspection reports and permits.

With all the rough weather that Erie residents have seen in the last year, people in our region may want to take a look at their property by clicking here. Roughly 18-thousand people in the U.S. check in daily.

You can sign up to put your house on the WeatherCheck system for free.  WeatherCheck gets paid by a single address fee by mortgage, insurance and federal loan guarantors for the information they need to monitor their assets in real time.

For homeowners it may provide vital information on having your home ready for the next weather event.