Fralo Industries has grown a lot since it opened its doors in 1979.

The east side Erie plant makes metal enclosures and finished assemblies.

Most of the enclosures are used to house control systems, handling everything from water and sewage to manufacturing systems.

Many of the customers are from our region, but the company also ships many products to Mexico and Canada.

Fralo's nearly 70 employees know all their customers are demanding. Managers say the workers meet the challenge everyday,

Company President John Bauman said, "They can read prints. They know how to operate the equipment that is complex. There is a lot of skill all over this place. They are very savvy."

While fabricating the metal enclosures is a key part of the business, Fralo also makes control systems that are housed in the enclosures. Workers assemble, install and test the systems.

Fralo has been growing steadily since it was purchased in 2005 by the Victor Group. In fact growth has averaged 10% each of the past two years.