A project Tuesday on Presque Isle State Park, is helping fish thrive in Presque Isle Bay.

The fish habitat deployment project dates back to 1995.

It's a collaborative effort between the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie, Pennsylvania Sea Grant, and DCNR.

Tuesday, they put sixty artificial fish habitat structures in Misery Bay, it's part of a habitat improvement program at state parks across the commonwealth, “It's good for the fish and the fishery, but it's also good for our anglers too, so all of these habitat structures are on maps on our fish and boat commission website,” said Ben Page, Lake Habitat Section Chief with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

“The fish, just as in a forest, they need places to hide from predators, they need places to nest and they need coverage there, it's a habitat that help fish survive in their native environment so we are supplementing that,” said David Boughton, Maritime Education Specialist with Pennsylvania Sea Grant.

Funding for this kind of habitat improvement comes from fishing license dollars.