Paul Gibbens worked for us here at Lilly Broadcasting for 32 years before setting out on his own three years ago to form his own company, Gibbens Creative.

The company provides a wide variety of services ranging from commercial production to wedding photography.

Gibbens says his number one priority is satisfying his clients.

He said, "I will do what it takes to get the shot, because they are our number one priority. I want to be sure they are happy. I am happy if they are happy."

Keeping clients happy means editing the video as well as shooting.

And that is just part of what he does as he puts together commercials and productions for clients.

He said, "I like to give my clients everything in one big package, still photography, video, graphics, animation and sound."

And increasingly there is a focus on social media from Facebook to YouTube.

Gibbens said, "They are looking for a shorter video that has more punch to it that will make people like it and watch it."

Some of the videos he shoots now feature aerial video and photography taken with a drone, providing a unique perspective.

Gibbens said, "The quality it gives you and the feel it gives you for a production is enough to even 2-3 seconds, it is enough to make that whole video."