A small group of workers from several states held a protest near Erie Insurance Arena this afternoon.

They want Trump to sign an executive order to stop federal contractors from outsourcing jobs to foreign countries.

Laid off workers from General Motors plants in Ohio and Indiana along with workers worried about their jobs have been staging similar protests at other recent Trump rallies.

Members of the organization, Good Jobs Nation, say the president has broken his promise to punish companies that send American jobs overseas, and they want him to take action now.

Mike Oles of Good Jobs Nation said, "He made promises to workers in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. He won key counties by making them promises. He flipped the places from Obama to himself. he ran as a working class champion. He has failed to deliver for the working class in America. That is why we're here."

The workers in recent weeks have protested at Trump rallies in Minnesota, Indiana, and West Virginia.