The local Libertarian candidate for Congress is still upset about being excluded from a candidate's debate two days ago. Ebert Beeman today filed an official protest with the Federal Election Commission.

Beeman took his formal protest letter to the Erie County Court House to get it notarized before sending the letter off to Washington, D.C.

Beeman believes his exclusion from last Monday's debate constitutes an illegal contribution to his opponents campaigns by the debate sponsors.  He says the value of the contribution vastly exceeds the $2700 limit.  

He also says debate sponsors WJET-TV, and the Manufacturer and Business Association are corporations and, by law, cannot make campaign contributions. Beeman wants the debate sponsors to be cited, along with his two opponents.

"They will cite them for receiving illegal campaign contributions.  That's our hope.  Will that happen? That remains to be seen,” he said.


Beeman says the Libertarian Party will be filing a separate complaint to the FEC.