Testimony continues in the homicide trial against a commercial fisherman, charged with murdering his wife and throwing body into Lake Erie.

On Wednesday, prosecutors presented key evidence in this case, including photographs of the victim Karen Leclair's body, as well as a jailhouse phone conversations between the defendant Christopher Leclair and his father.

Christopher Leclair is charged with first-degree murder for the death of his wife Karen Leclair.

Investigators say Christopher Leclair shot Karen Leclair in the head, tied her body to an anchor, and threw her into Lake Erie, off of their fishing vessel the Doris-M.

Both the prosecution and defense agree that Christopher Leclair was having an affair, at the time of his wife's death, back in June of 2017.

Prosecutors say he murdered Karen Leclair in cold-blood to cover up his double life, while the defense say Karen was so upset over the affair, that she took her own life.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Sellers, today, presented photos of Karen Leclair's body, which were taken after she was recovered from Lake Erie, six miles off of the shores of Dunkirk, New York.

The photographs showed Karen Leclair’s body bound to a large anchor with blue rope, and a close up of a gunshot wound to the right side of her head, just above the ear.

The anchor she was tied to was also brought into the courtroom as evidence.

Prosecutors also played three phone conversations between Christopher Leclair and his father Ernest Leclair.

In the jailhouse recordings, Christopher Leclair is heard asking his father to get rid of a gun, which police say was used in the crime.

The weapon was recovered last July, inside of a hand built bed frame, in the bedroom of the couple's home.

Testimony will continue Thursday, with President Judge John Trucilla presiding over the trial.