"It’s the place to be." Centerville man, Cale Kunick said

Trump supporters like Kunick packed the lawn outside the Erie Insurance Arena with a sea of red hats on Wednesday.

People had lined up for hours just to try and get into the arena.  Kunick said he lined up on Wednesday morning.

And even though he missed out on being inside, he said he still got what he came for, to hear from the man he helped put into office.

"He talked about all the things he's doing to fight for us." Kunick said

And according to Erie man, Jeff Regenor, the intensity inside was not lost either.  For Regenor, who sat far from the stage, the registered Independent says he's sold on going red this election season.

And he says part of it was because of the way President Trump, and others like Republican U.S Rep. Mike Kelly spoke to their goals on issues like building a wall, to strengthening the economy.

"He represents his own agenda, which represents my agenda." Regenor said




But not everyone is sold on President Trump's agenda.


Erie woman, Reem Almisky believes Trump's policy's on immigration puts immigrants in a negative light.

“He needs to realize that the immigrants here in Erie have actually revitalized the city." Almisky said
Elsewhere, Indiana man, Randy Alexander joined people to show the president their frustration with what they say is his poor treatment of retaining American jobs.

Alexander had a ticket and attempted to go into the arena, much like he has in other cities. But after entering, he was denied because of the shirt he was wearing. The shirt represented the bipartisan organization “Good Jobs Nation.”

And though he was denied here, he says he won't be denied on his mission.

"We're here, and we're gonna take it all the way to the ballot box." Alexander said

Across from the arena, several protesters stood throughout the remainder of President Trump’s speech, some, even started up chats with Trump supporters.