Team Hardinger began with just one truck back in 1969.

It is now a large company, providing trucking, warehousing and brokerage services.

The company operates a fleet of 60 trucks, serving both regional and national customers.

President Harold Bender said, "We have industrial customers, plastics customers and food customers."

Those customers are located all over the country.

That means Team Hardinger trucks are always on the move.

Bender said, "They're all the way to California, Texas, Florida, Chicago, North Carolina and of course central and eastern Pennsylvania on a daily basis."

While trucking remains the foundation of the business, the company also maintains three large warehouses with more than 500,000 square feet of space.

Plus the company basically serves as a middle man, in its brokerage service, to coordinate shipments of products by truck, air, rail and ship.

Team Hardinger has a lot of different parts, and it is a formula that works.

Bender said, "We've had several years of double digit growth. And we hope for that to continue."