St. Peter's Lutheran Church in North East had a consistently full parking lot Saturday afternoon. The church hosted a spaghetti dinner benefit for the Schroder family, who's two kids both are battling serious medical complications.

The oldest is Noah; at just two years old he's had numerous operations and been in a medically-induced coma for 10 days at one point. He and his four-month-old sister, Charlotte, are fighting against similar genetic defects that their parents had no knowledge of before getting pregnant with Noah.

Noah and Charlotte have problems with their hands, feeding and breathing, but are being treated for each issue. The family said their little boy is able to run and play now, but it was a long road. Their baby girl is now starting down the same road, but they're confident she'll be able to overcome those complications too.

However, treatment requires frequent visits to specialists and the hospital, meaning piling medical bills. That's where the spaghetti benefit comes in. St. Peter's Lutheran Church posted the event on their Facebook to help get the word out and the community came out in full support. They wanted to help the family as much as possible so that baby Charlotte can get all the medical attention she will need.

The four month old is scheduled for her third surgery on November 2nd, where she will be getting a feeding tube and taking care of a hernia. Her mother Angela Schroder's advice to any other parents who have kids that have to frequent the hospital: find support and do not be afraid to ask for help.

If anyone would like to reach out to the family to help, Angela Schroder gave Erie News Now permission to share her Facebook profile, which you can find here.