Waldameer Amusement Park and Water World is now closed for the year.

But the park is already busy working on new attractions for the 2019 season.

Crews are already busy building a new $500,000 heated relaxation pool in the water park.

An existing pool is small and often crowded.

The new pool will provide a lot more room for park visitors.

And foundation work will start soon for a new ride near the train station.

"Chaos" will be a pendulum type ride featuring a spinning disc.

And it will be unique for the park.

Waldameer President Steve Gorman said, "The "Chaos" will be Waldameer's first ride that riders will go upside down. That is really a very new thing for Waldameer. I think it will attract a lot of thrill seekers for sure."

The new attractions are part of the park's 10 year plan to feature yearly upgrades to both the amusement park and water park.