It's a crime of theft that is probably as low as someone can go.

Erie police say a woman walked into a wedding reception on October 20th at the Bayfront Convention Center, and stole the bride and groom's wedding card gift box, “She had brought with her a large size tote, and once she was inside she took the gift box for the cards, placed it in the tote and then walked out of the reception hall and convention center with it,” said Erie Police Detective Dave Walker. And Walker says she had a strategy, “She definitely had a plan, she felt comfortable, she talked to several people inside the reception and made herself appear as though she belonged there,” said Walker.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video, which Erie Police posted to their Facebook page. It was shared and viewed several thousand times, and that’s just what investigators wanted, “It's been shared and viewed a lot, I have had several phone calls on it, I have different people who they believe it may be, it’s an active investigation at this time and hopefully we can get a good conclusion here soon,” said Det. Walker.

“It's not a common occurrence, but it does happen unfortunately,” said Walker.
So Walker says bride and grooms need to take precautions, “Just keep an eye out, put it someplace so it's not by the door, have a plan as to who is going to take it out at the end of the night, a family member somebody you trust,” said Walker.

Walker also suggests having someone you trust empty the gift box at times throughout the evening.

At this point, Detective Walker says he’s ruled out that it is an employee of the convention center.

If you think you may know who the woman is your asked to call Detective Walker at 814-870-1122.