Many neighborhoods have signs posted that there's either a crime watch or neighborhood watch in the area, but you likely haven't seen those signs in Union City, PA neighborhoods. Air Force Veteran Sean Coggin decided to change that and start a Facebook group to get a watch started city-wide.  Coggin served in the Security Forces while in the military and has since continued to work various security jobs in our area.

Residents have already posted in the group about suspicious sightings, thefts and break-ins. Now, Coggin is urging members to download the Neighbors app as a tool for the watch.

The app allows users to report crimes, suspicious activities and safety concerns. It then alerts other users in the area of those reports with a map showing the general area of where the concern is or happened.

A separate app from the same creator connects with a camera outside your home. Coggin is hoping to get some of these cameras and give them out to the community. The camera's app features the abilities to talk to anyone near the camera, listen in on what's going on, set off an alarm, turn on a light or watch live. It also sends the connected mobile device an alert if there's new movement in the camera's view.

These tools will all be used for the Union City neighborhood watch once the group is fully operational. Coggin is working with city officials and area police to ensure the group is set up right and in a way that can aid law enforcement.

Updates on the group's progress will be posted to the group's Facebook page.