The Colony Pub & Grille has been a Millcreek Institution for decades.

Five different families have owned the business and it remains locally owned and operated.

Owner Kevin Camp said the key to the Colony's success is consistently providing high quality food and good service.

He said, "We kind of at the top of our game. So we keep everyone happy, just do what we do, do it good. Wake up everyday and do the same thing."

Who goes to the Colony? Well it is a combination of many loyal customers, and a lot of summer visitors drawn to the location near Presque Isle.

Camp said, "There are weeks we see people 2-3 times a week, sometimes everyday. We do get a lot of tourists in the summer, probably 60%.  But we do a ton of local business."

A big part of the business comes from group meals.  The Colony handles groups from 15 to 100.

Camp said, "A lot of wakes, funerals, birthday parties, anniversary and retirement parties. We do it all, Christmas parties as well."

The Colony does it with about 40 employees, preparing thousands of meals every week. 

The food is prepared from scratch, with a few unique twists, like a charcoal oven used to cook steaks.

Steaks and seafood are the specialties.

But the Colony has a large menu with something for everyone.