People lined up to celebrated the 200th anniversary of Erie's land lighthouse at the foot of Lighthouse Street.

It's one of Erie's most notable historic sites, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

People had a chance to climb the stair and get the view from the current lighthouse on the property that is 151 years old.

The celebration focused on the history that the first land lighthouse constructed on the property was illuminated on November 6, 1818, becoming the first of its kind on all of the Great Lakes.

Organizer of the celebration Michael Fuhrman was pleased with the turnout.  He hopes it is only the beginning of expanding tourism of historic sites, especially on the east side of Erie.  

"This is good business, in Erie, you have a...billion dollar industry in tourism, so if we invest in these land lighthouses, the landmarks that are all over on the east side, that's really good business for the economy and it's also good business for the neighborhoods and that's key, so it's been terrific," Fuhrman said.