Erie Apparel began in 2014 as an on-line business, then opened a store in Millcreek last year.

And business has been steadily growing.

The store has sold thousands of shirts since opening. Many focus on Erie, but other common themes include old sports teams and iconic local companies.

Greg Straub, who owns the business with his brother-in-law, spends a lot of time coming up with designs.

He said, "It is a lot of research, a lot of hard work. A lot of things kind of come to us in nostalgia terms."

While the main focus is on tee shirts, the store also sells hats, mugs and other items.

Straub said, "We have a pretty decent mix of customers."

But not all the customers shop at the Millcreek store. Shirts are also sold at special events throughout the year.

And employees are always busy wrapping up items and shipping them.

Straub said, "We have shipped shirts everywhere. Overseas, as far as California in the states, and Hawaii. We shipped a shirt to Ireland recently."

Owners say the business keeps growing. They want that trend to continue with fresh ideas and new designs to keep customers coming back.

Straub said, "We do want to keep it unique, keep giving people reasons  to talk about us and coming up with unique and creative designs that people are proud to wear."