A motorist is facing several traffic citations after police charge him with driving over the closed McBride Viaduct several times, almost hitting an Erie News Now photographer in the process.

The man--who has yet to be identified by police--is charged with reckless driving, failure to obey a traffic control device, and using a restricted bridge closed by the Commonwealth, after our camera captured him driving on the bridge.

Around 6:00 a.m. Wednesday, Erie News Now Chris Carroll was getting ready to do a live report on the bridge's planned demolition, when the man came barreling down the bridge, nearly hitting one of our photographers.

Carroll called Erie police, who then pulled the man over moments later.

Officers asked the man why he was driving on the bridge, which has been closed to traffic since 2010.

“I did it, because I just wanted to take a short cut through town.” said the driver.

The incident happened on the first day that the bridge was closed off to pedestrians, as PennDOT prepares for its demolition on November 27.

However, the group Erie CPR has filed another appeal, in an attempt to save the bridge.

Erie CPR President Adam Trott says the man is not a member of his group.

"I honestly didn't recognize the guy from the film," said Trott.   "I would strongly encourage everyone not to do something that would get you in trouble.  We don't want anybody to get into trouble."

PennDOT spokesperson Jill Harry says that the company is operating under the previous court ruling, and will move forward with the bridge's demolition unless they are told otherwise.

In the meantime, police encourage you not to use the bridge, especially with your vehicle.

As for the suspect, police say his citations must still be processed by District Judge Paul Urbaniak's office.