As we continue to follow that deadly overnight shooting at a California nightclub, it's sure to reignite the gun control debate.

Gun control advocates say tougher access to weapons might mean fewer of these deadly shootings. Others say putting guns into the hands of well-trained, law abiding citizens could make America a safer place.

Self-defense is the stated goal of one group in Warren. They call themselves the Warren Well-armed Women, which aims to do more than teach each other how to hit a target.

The all female group tries to educate, equip and empower women who own firearms. The group does this by not only teaching them how to defend themselves but how to be as safe as possible while using a firearm.

"There's a lot that goes into carrying," said member Beth Tenney. "It's not just the fact that I have a personal protection permit."

Tenney is one of the instructors in the group and stresses safety with each lesson she teaches. Including always wearing safety glasses and proactive headphones.

"If you're gonna defend yourself and that's your choice then you need to know how to use that tool properly," Tenney said.

The biggest thing Tenney teaches is just how serious owning and using a firearm is. 

 "If you're under that much stress and you feel you need to protect yourself, will you think about grabbing that firearm? Tenney said. "Once you do, you need to know how to properly use it, properly store it and if you do shoot someone be willing to live with what happens after that."

The  Warren Well-Armed Women group was formed in May 2018 after the founder Dianna Barrett-Klakamp said she noticed a trend in her community.

"My husband is the sheriff here in Warren County," Barrett-Klakamp said. "He was saying that he signs so many concealed carry permits for women and I said do you think they're qualified and he said he has no idea."

The group also helps women feel less threatened or intimidated by owning and shooting a gun.

Klakamp said the group started out with around 30 women and in just a few month it's doubled in size. She said anyone, regardless if you own a firearm or not, is welcome to join. 

The groups next meeting is November 17th at noon at the Kalbfus Rod & Gun Club at 2178 Chapman Dam Rd. in Clarendon PA.

To contact Barrett-Klakamp go to the groups Facebook page.