Charges are pending against a man who State Police said soaked himself in weed killer and threatened to blow himself up or light himself on fire at a McKean Township mobile home park Thursday.

Kevin Andrzejewski, 46, faces charges for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and terroristic threats.

Troopers were called to Idyll Whyle Village mobile home park around 8 a.m. for a man who was reportedly stabbing himself with a hunting license holder pin.

They arrived to find Andrzejewski soaked in an unknown liquid and carrying a toolbox with wires hanging from it. He then threatened to blow himself up or ignite himself if he was not left alone before running out and sitting in West Road, according to State Police.

Trooper said Andrzejewski did not have an actual explosive device, and he was convinced to move from the road, so the school buses could take children to school. He calmly talked to troopers for several minutes after he was moved from the road.

Andrzejewski then tried to light his hair on fire, but troopers said they stopped him beforehand. Troopers said they restrained and checked him for injuries before emergency medical crews arrived.

Investigators later determined Andrzejewski was covered in RoundUp or another generic weed killer.