Throughout the Erie School District, a total of 15 schools and three additional buildings will now receive major upgrades.

Erie School District Superintendent Brian Polito has officially unveiled the district's $80.8 million plan, to upgrade every occupied school in the district.

"The focus here is to ensure that these buildings are warm, dry, and safe for the next 20 years." said Polito.

Under the plan, Erie High School will receive the most money--a total of $28 million--which will be used for electrical upgrades, new windows, and a new gym.

"That's our largest building and the one with the most need,” said Polito.  “There hasn't been any significant renovations to that building since it was constructed in the 1950s, so there is a lot of work that needs to go into that."

Edison Elementary School will receive $14.9 million, which will cover the cost of a full building renovation, while Collegiate Academy will receive nearly $10 million to help pay for masonry and structural repairs.

"There's a lot of needs, especially on the outside of the building,” said Polito.  “We have some issues with the brick work outside, the roof needs replaced, and then there's some structural issues with the promenade."

Polito says the project will be financed through a new bond issue, and from some of the additional $14 million in funding that the district now receives every year.

But, the district is also considering a tax increase.

"There is a possibility of a tax increase,” said Polito.  “The board is going to take a look at that here in the next month or so, and really work with that.  It's not necessarily for the renovation projects, but more to do with our long-term budget and some of the structural imbalances we still have in our revenues and expenses."

Construction is expected to begin next spring.