Many in Erie County will be getting their first snow of the season, meaning now is a good time to change your tires for the winter.

Owner of Kerr's Tire Korner Marty Kerr says snow tires are better than all-season tires, especially for Erie winters. "Snow tires are designed to go through the snow. Stop you better, get you going better, corner better handle better -- everything," Kerr said.

When it comes to snow tires, there's regular and studded. Studded snow tires are only allowed on Pennsylvania roads from November 1st until April 15th. Kerr said the main difference is that studded tires do more for you in icy situations. Both are good in the snow, but the metal studs act as cleats and give your car more traction. Depending on the size you need, Kerr says getting studded tires can add $9-12 dollars per tire.

Some people try to save money by getting used tires or only buying two, however you should be cautious when you look into these alternatives. "If they have a decent amount of tread ... if there's a decent amount of rubber then it's good as long as someone hasn't done anything to it," Kerr said.

When it comes to only buying two tires, Kerr says it's not a good idea because it could affect traction and cause you to lose control. However, he noted it is acceptable to do only get two snow tires for rear-wheel drive vehicles. He explained with front-wheel drive, the engine weighs down on the tires and adds traction, but the rear ends up being very light and that could cause your vehicle to fish-tail or donut.