Organizers of PA Schools Work are building a new movement across the state to improve public school funding in Pennsylvania.

On Saturday they hosted their first summit connecting some 400 people across the state in eight regions.

The Northwest region met at St. Brigid Church in Meadville.  The group included superintendents, teachers, school board and community members.

They share a common concern that Pennsylvania ranks 46th across the nation for the share of education funding it provides.

PA Schools Work is looking for people to join a non-partisan movement to fight for more funding for basic education funding, as well as improved funding for career and technical education and special education.  They say public schools work only when there is adequate funding, equitable funding and educational excellence is valued.

Kate Philips, statewide consultant for PA Schools Work called education funding an urgent necessity.  "It's something people need to understand," Philips said. "People need to value excellence and access to course work and music classes, things some schools have and some don't, so we're here to advocate and organize and we are focused on increasing education funding across Pennsylvania."

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