The Erie Community Foundation has been helping people set up funds to help the local community for the past 83 years.

And the effort just keeps growing.

The foundation distributes $15-$20 million in grants to local non profits every year.

The money from about 850 endowments valued at $260 million.

The foundation is basically in the wealth attraction business.

Erie Community Foundation President Mike Batchelor said, "When people come to us, when they are ready, we are happy to talk with them about their estate plans, how they can leverage their money, how we can connect them to causes they care about."

The newest venture for the foundation is a five year, $30 million strategic plan for the Erie community.

It is a three part plan, including doubling grants, investing $10 million into loans and mortgages for projects that might have trouble with financing, and using $15 million for large transformational projects.

Batchelor said, "We are looking for three, four, five or six really big ideas that we hope will really change the economy, help create a better downtown and attract people to live in our community."