Mosaic Erie is a year old, unique local business.

It basically provides spaces for different small businesses or individuals to rent.

The building along West 26th Street in Millcreek has a large multi purpose room, an office, and an upstairs photography studio, with a dressing room next door.

All the space created by husband and wife owners Christine Erin and Chris Shewfelt.

Shewfelt said, "The building was still in the 1960's and 1970's. So we did a lot of work. My wife's ideas on how to make things look good. And I just tried to make it happen."

Christine had the idea for community space to rent. As a photographer, her focus began with just having studio space.

She said,"So I just thought why not make it conductive for everybody to have a community space where we can all work together? And the rest of the building just branched out from there."

And so far so good, with the space at Mosaic Erie getting plenty of use.

Chris Shewfelt said, "I think we are doing pretty good. We have a good group of clients, we would like to have more. But for one year, I'm happy with where we are at."